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Saturday – September 1, 2018

Music by My Dog Sam
9:00 pm, Rec Centre $15/Ticket


My Dog Sam is a professional cover band with a vast diversity of musical genres and years of experience. My Dog Sam has been performing in the Edmonton area for years. There are four members including Todd Wandio (Guitar/Vocals), Miles Grove (Bass/Vocals), Michele Aasgard (Keyboard/Vocals) and Alan Boechler (Drums/Vocals). Together they share a love for music and have decades of experience performing, recording, and teaching music.

My Dog Sam goes beyond having a single “style” . They are known for their versatility and flexibility when it comes to musical genres. Genres covered includes: New Age Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Swing, Polka, Folk, Reggae, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and the like.

My Dog Sam guarantees a professional performance with positive party energy. My Dog Sam actively interacts with their audience, making the night more enjoyable for all. They love making new connections with all groups of people they meet.  My Dog Sam plays cover songs that are both uplifting and likely to bring back good memories, regardless of their listeners’ age or musical preference. My Dog Sam may not be with you for a long time, but they are here for a good time!


Beerfest Tickets

Beerfest Tickets available summer of 2018.

Lakeland Fire & Safety (4201-50 Ave)
St. Paul Coop Home Centre
Richardson’s Jewellery

Beerfest Tickets: $15 (18 & over)

Note: Beerfest tickets will also be available at each rodeo performance.